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Tree trimming is one tool for tree maintenance. It does not only help keep the health of your tree but also their aesthetics. Trees that are not regularly trimmed are at big risk of being damaged by storms and by looking unsightly. They can also be hazardous in the long run that is why it is important that your trees get the proper trimming or at least pruning that they need. You also need to understand that if an accident happens in your property involving trees your insurance will be void by your homeowner’s insurance. Therefore, you will be held legally and financially liable for all the damages.

Celtic Tree Service is certified and skilled when it comes to tree trimming and pruning. No matter what the species or size of the tree, our team can handle it. Regular trimming does a lot to your tree’s overall well-being that is why it is important to schedule a regular trimming process annually. Also, during the process of tree trimming, our certified arborist will give you expert advice about the state of your tree, so you would know the proper care it needs. Tree trimming and pruning can significantly improve the overall welfare of your tree.

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To ensure the highest standard of our job, we follow the strict guidelines set by the Arbor Day Foundation. We follow an organized approach in our tree trimming process. We make sure that we trim the trees not too close to the trunk to maintain its health. We know that over trimming will harm your tree that is why we handle every tree with care. As much as possible, we try to restore the former beautiful appearance and symmetry of your tree through tree trimming. We do not only think about the individual tree but your entire landscape.

We begin the tree trimming process by an in-home visit followed by a free estimate. During that time, we can also set the time and date when we will go to your place to do the project. We will also ask if you have any additional instructions for us. We can either use our heavy equipment or just our safety climbing harness, depending on your preference. Just like how we do it with tree removal, our ground crew will make sure the site is safe and clean. We will cut the limbs into more manageable sections. When we are done with trimming your tree, we can assure you that your tree will return to its beautiful and healthy appearance.

Pruning, on the other hand, is a more subtle way of trimming. We will prune your tree to make sure that the limbs and branches are not overgrown. Just like in tree trimming, our team can make your tree’s aesthetic go back.

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