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Tree removal is something that some homeowners think that they can handle alone. Tree removal may seem like a simple task but it entails challenges and can be dangerous, too. This job is better left to the professionals. In most cases, heavy equipment is required to take down a tree. Celtic Tree Service is able to handle all types of trees, regardless of the reason for removing it. Tree removal is necessary if the tree is beyond restoration due to disease or storm damage. This is the last resort for your trees and should be the last thing to be done. However, if there is no better option and safety is at stake, the tree should be removed immediately.

Our tree removal process begins with one of our staffs coming to your property to inspect the tree to be eliminated. We will provide you with a verbal quote with all the details of the removal process. Once you agreed to it, we will then follow-up with a written estimate together with our licensing and insurance information. We will not begin the process until we have assessed the site and carefully planned our action to ensure safety and efficiency.

Tree removal pricing largely depends on the size of the tree, its species, and other factors such as its location. Some tree species are more difficult to remove. Trees that have multiple trunks can be more challenging and takes more planning before the actual execution. The size of the tree is also a significant factor because larger trees need more effort exerted to be taken down. Also, trees that are near structures may need more careful thought before removing because of the possible damage it can cause nearby properties.

Tree Removal Macon

Before the scheduled day of tree removal, one of our representatives will contact you to confirm the work to be done in your residence or business. We will go through all the details of the project and ask if you have any further instructions for us.

Our team is usually consisting of the main cutter, ground crew, and chipper. The process begins with the main tree cutter climbing the tree using an aerial lift or a safety climbing harness. The main cutter will methodically cut the branches and limbs of the tree into more manageable sizes. We have our ground crews stations at the area to take care of the limbs and hand them over to the chipper that is located in the street.

When we are done with the whole tree removal process, all tree debris, including branches and limbs will be handled by our stuff. You will only be left with the tree stump once we are done with your tree.

    If you wish for your stump to be removed, we can have it scheduled on the other day. The wood from the tree can be hauled away or we can also stack them anywhere near your property. When we leave for the day, you will be surprised to see no trace of our team in your residence. We will keep everything clean for you.

    Call us for all your tree removal needs. We offer the most efficient and economical tree service in the area.

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