Macon, Georgia, makes a perfect destination for a getaway. With its casual and serene vibe, anyone can quickly feel at home. Behind the relaxing scenic view of this laidback city lies a history that runs deep in every monument and architectural structure. Macon, GA, does not lack recreational places and inviting parks that make it an even more fun place to be in.

Ocmulgee National Monument

If you happen to find yourself in Macon, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Ocmulgee National Monument, which tells thousands of years of Native American culture. You will be amazed by earthworks built by South Appalachian peoples before 1000 CE. You can also watch an orientation film and buy from their gift shop. The Great Temple Mound is 0.5 miles if you walk from the visitor center.

The Allman Brothers Band Museum 

Popularly called the Big House, the Allman Brothers Band Museum commemorates the Allman Brothers Band. The museum, which was home to the family, holds important archives, artwork, and lyrics. Most parts of the house are designed to copy the look when the brothers were still there.

Hay House

Established in the latter part of the 1850s, the Hay House displays historic artwork and decorations. You can visit the place when you organize private events or tours. Exploring the whole site may take an hour. The Hay House also holds exclusive behind-the-scenes tours every year. This includes a visit to the famous Secret Room.

Rose Hill Cemetery

The long-standing Rose Hill Cemetery, founded in the1840 nestles on the northside of Macon, GA. It was constructed to be a meeting place for people by Simri Rose. The Allman Brothers Band was one of the famous people who loved to hang out in this area. The Rose Hill Cemetery is now a resting place for significant lawmakers in Georgia.

Grand Opera House 

The Grand Opera House was first known as the Academy of Music in 1884. The historic opera house boasts the most massive stage in all of the American Southeast. Later on, it was given the name Grand Opera House when it was rehabilitated in 1905. Charlie Chaplin, Will Rogers, Bob Hope, and the Allman Brothers Band were some of the notable names the Grand Opera House hosted.

Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, Georgia

There is a lot to explore in this four-gallery museum known as the Museum of Arts and Sciences. The exhibits often change, including Discovery House, where you can experience hands-on learning, the Mini-Zoo that houses exciting animals, and the nature trail. They have a merchandise store where you can buy fun arts and science products. The museum provides different programs for schools as their way of showing their involvement in education.

The Cannonball House

This house, constructed in 1853, has damage due to a cannonball in the Civil War, thus the name. The Cannonball House is designed with furniture from the 1850s to revive the look of the meeting rooms of The Adephean Society. The cannon exhibited outside the house was built at the Macon Arsenal.