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Stump Grinding and Removal

Generally, there are two methods to get rid of stumps. You can remove it and its root system completely with a backhoe. However, this approach is not used for residential areas because of the possible damages it can cause the site. The other more desirable approach is by grinding it beneath the ground to get rid of its appearance. Stump removal is usually done in development areas or in sites where roadworks will be done. Stump removal is `what commercial and development areas prefer due to foundation needs, while for residential areas, stump grinding is more appropriate.

Stump grinding can be made easy using the proper equipment. However, it can still be a dirty job to compete. At Celtic Tree Service, we can make tree stump grinding a breeze. Our team uses only the best equipment to complete the project in the most efficient way possible. We can assure you that there will be very minimal to no damage in your property if you hire us to handle your tree stump. When we are done with your property, your lawn will be ready for tree planting and other landscaping activities.

Tree stumps can be easy or difficult to handle depending on some factors. Stump size, species, and age of the tree are some of the driving factors of how challenging stump removal will be. Most often than not, a new hardwood stump is the most difficult to grind because of wood fiber density. The easiest stumps to grind are that of pine and conifers. Age is also a variable to how challenging it is to remove the stump. Older trees are much easier to grind especially those that are already decaying and drying. Further, there are tree species that have a shallow root system than others. Species that have deeper root system is definitely more demanding of effort and time-consuming.

Stump Grinding Macon

We follow a systematic method in tree stump grinding:

  • With the use of hand tools like shovels and rakes to clear the site of any debris, loose rock, and any other dirt present in the area. It is important that the area is clean before beginning the stump grinding process.
  • In case the stump is not chopped close to the ground, we will utilize our chainsaw we will further reduce it until it is as close to the ground as possible.
  • We will begin the grinding process by placing the stump grinder over the stump
  • This will go on until we the stump has been ground 3-6 inches beneath the ground.
  • We will finally clean the site of wood chips and other tree debris. We can stack these wood chips in your property or we can reuse it in an environmentally friendly manner.

    The process can take 45 to 2 hours, depending on how difficult it is to remove the stump. If you want to get discounts, you can have multi-stump removal done in your property. Call us at Celtic Tree Service for all your stump removal needs.

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