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Storm tree damage is something that is best handled by the professionals. It is a serious situation that can also pose a grave danger to properties and whoever will do the task of the clearing. Downed power lines, fallen branches, and uprooted trees can be difficult to take care of by amateurs. That is why Celtic Tree Service Macon provides 24/7 Emergency Service in the area. For years, residents in Macon continue to rely on us for their emergency needs. Whenever there a storm hits, we keep ourselves ready for our client’s call so we can provide them with a prompt response. We will remove uprooted trees, limbs, and any other debris that can keep you from going back to your normal life.

We have the best team in the area. Our staffs are all trained and experienced in this field, so you can be confident that we will be able to handle your concern in a matter of hours. We respond right away to our client’s calls because we understand how important it is to clear your property to avoid further damage.

One way to avoid storm tree damage is doing preventive maintenance. Regular trimming or pruning, removing all dead and decayed limbs and branches will go a long way in keeping you and your property away from future harm. You should also consider removing trees that are too close to a fixed structure because this can also cause damage. Have your trees inspected by professionals regularly.

Emergency Service Macon

In the event that any of your trees get storm damaged, do not think twice and give us a call in Celtic Tree Service. Even if you think you can handle cleaning the downed power lines and uprooted trees, it is not advisable because it can be dangerous. We will work with your electric company to clear the power line and get the power once you call us, we will follow our protocol for emergency situations:

  • We will come to your property to inspect the scope of damage that needs to be handled.
  • We will offer you an onsite verbal estimate. If you agreed on it, we will immediately mobilize our team to begin the clearing process.
  • Our team will get rid of all the hazards on the site to give way to the electric company to do their work.
  • When we are done removing all debris in your property, we will handle the cleaning, so there will be no trace of damage brought by storm in your property.

    Do not rely on just any tree care service company for your emergency situations. It is important to hire a company that is bonded, licensed, and insured because this kind of work can be dangerous. If an accident happens in your property, you will be held financially and legally liable, so be careful in hiring a tree service company.

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