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Wood Chipping and Brush Removal

Sometimes our clients do their own tree trimming, pruning, and brushing on their own then gets overwhelmed with all the mess the job leaves them. Limbs, branches, and other debris can be too much to handle for a regular homeowner. Although some of this trash can be thrown in the weekly trash service, too much of it can be overwhelming even for them.

We utilize our chippers whenever we perform tree care services such as trimming, pruning, or removal. However, there are cases when our clients do their own tree care services. Our service is still available for this kind of situation. We can handle debris using our chippers. We will move the debris from the work site to the street where our chippers are stationed. We know that wheeling our chippers around your property can damage your yard that is why we never do that.

Our free estimate includes details about the project. The pricing will generally depend on the volume of brush and tree debris. What some homeowners and business owners do is to rent chippers, but most of the time they still end up calling a tree service company to handle everything for them. Celtic Tree Service can perform wood chipping services to help you deal with the wood chips from tree trimming, pruning or removal. We can haul them away or scatter them in your landscape as natural mulch.

Hiring Celtic Tree Service will save you from the inconvenience that wood chips, brush, and other tree debris can bring. We can do the job in the most efficient and affordable way possible, so you do not have to be stressed out with anything. We will help you deal with this debris so that you can just focus on doing your daily chores. By letting us handle this job, you also ensure you and your property’s safety.

Give us a call for a free estimate on our wood chipping and brush removal services.

Brush Removal Service

Celtic Tree Service provides the most budget-friendly and efficient shrub and brush removal services in Macon. We use the best equipment to help us with the job and our team is skilled and experienced in this field.

You can have us handle loads of brush and shrub debris, so do not hesitate to trim your trees. This way you can get the most of your money. It can also save you time.

Celtic Tree Service is more than able to handle all your brush removal needs. Give us a call today, so we can give you a fast and free quote on the brush removal services that we offer.

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