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It can be difficult to look for a tree service company that can efficiently cater to all your tree care needs but Celtic Tree Service Macon GA can do that and more. We are a full-service tree company that has been in the business for years. We are the tree service company that homeowners in Macon area go to for their tree care needs. Our good records with Yelp, Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor can vouch for the excellent service that we have been offering since we begin operation. We value our clients highly that is why we only offer the top service that they deserve. Our certified arborists can handle all kinds of tree services and they are expert in taking care of your trees. Further, we only use the best equipment available in the industry. We believe that the way we take care of our employees and equipment says a lot with how we value your trees. There is no tree service company as dedicated as Celtic Tree Service in the area. We are ready for all your tree care needs.

About Celtic Tree Service Macon

At Celtic Tree Service, we do not only care about your individual trees but your entire landscape as well. We do not act hastily but always carefully plan every project we do to ensure that we can give the best to our clients. We have certified arborists that do not only know the science of tree service but also the art that comes with it. Further, safety is the number one priority when we work in your property that is why we take pride in our certifications. We are insured, licensed, and bonded. You can be confident that you will not be legally and financially liable if there would be an accident in your property while we are there.

Moreover, we use equipment that is top of its class to ensure the highest standard when it comes to our service. There is no small or big equipment for us because we give importance to both. We make sure that they are well-maintained and in tip-top condition to be able to perform the best service. Our equipment allows us to take on even the largest projects you may have for us. However, if you prefer us not to use any of this heavy equipment, we can always use safety climbing harnesses to complete the project. You always have an option if you choose to use our service because your convenience is important to us.

We understand that our clients have options when it comes to the tree service company they will choose but please be aware that there are “companies” that offer door-to-door services. They claim that offer the best service for the lowest price, however trusting them may not be the best decision you will make. Most of these companies do not have a license. They are not insured nor are they bonded. Using their service might not be a good idea because if an accident happens while they are in your property, you will be liable for it. Do not easily trust these kinds of services. Trust only the best tree service company for your tree care needs. Let us help you with whatever tree care needs you may have.

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    Whether you need assistance in your residence or commercial property, Celtic Tree Service will be able to help you. Our service is available at a very competitive price. We work with customer service as one of our priorities. We show up at the time we agreed upon and we never leave you hanging. We will never pressure you to hire our service if you do not want to but we are going to offer you with services that are beyond compare. Some of our clients have experienced doing business with companies that are difficult to communicate with, but we are not like that. Your convenience is our business that is why we are willing to make adjustments on our end, so we can meet halfway.  We are the tree service Macon GA property owners call for quality yet affordable tree care.  

    Below is an overview of the services we offer at Celtic Tree Service. For more detailed information, you can see our service page at the top of this page.

    Tree Removal Macon GA

    Tree removal is the last thing we want to do to your tree. As much as possible, our goal is to preserve trees and keep them beautiful. However, there are cases when eliminating it is the only way to go about it. If a tree is dead or diseased beyond restoration, the best choice is to have it removed immediately. Trees like these are hazardous and are accidents waiting to happen that is why removing them is still the best option. Also, storms can also bring damage to your tree and it is a good reason to have it removed right away. Aesthetics can also be a reason for tree removal. If the tree is causing obstruction and is posing danger to you and your property, call us so we can handle it as soon as possible. You also have to be aware that if your homeowner’s insurance finds out that your tree touches your home when an accident happens, any damage claims will be denied. These are just some of the reasons why you need to have those trees removed right away.

    You may think that tree removal is something that you can do yourself. However, it is better performed by the professionals because of the dangers it comes with. Always hire tree service companies that are licensed, insured, and bonded to keep you from liability for any damages incurred while they are in your property. Tree removal can be a difficult and challenging job, but it would be easier if certified arborists do it for you.

    Call Celtic Tree Service to perform efficient and affordable tree removal Macon GA property owners trusts.  

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    Tree Trimming Macon GA

    Tree trimming is something that some homeowners neglect. What most homeowners do not know is that trimming and pruning will do a lot in maintaining the health and the appearance of their trees. If done correctly, it can drastically improve the overall well-being of your tree, but if done poorly, it will be otherwise. That is why it is important to choose a tree service company who knows the science of tree trimming. Never hire a company that does not understand trees and does not have the skills to properly execute the job.

    Try to take a look at the trees around your neighborhood. You will realize that most of the trees need a good trimming. Most homeowners forget the importance of tree trimming and do not give their trees the proper care they deserve. Tree trimming is not only done for aesthetic purposes but also to avoid accidents in the future. Well-trimmed trees are an asset in your property, so take good care of them.

    • We have three primary objectives in tree trimming:
    • To remove dangerous dead or dying limbs and branches
    • To restore the proportion of your tree to bring back its former beautiful shape
    • To inspect and assess the health of your tree

    Further, trimming is best done during the winter season, but it can also be done throughout the year. Whenever you need a tree service company that can help you restore the beauty of your tree, Celtic Tree Service will be there to help you.  Please call the tree trimming Macon GA home and business owners trusts for professional tree care.  

    Stump Grinding and Removal

    Once the process of tree removal is done, you will be left with an unwanted tree stump. Ideally, the next step after tree removal is stump grinding. Most stumps are unsightly and they can be dangerous, too. Typically, there are two methods in handling these stumps. One is to grind it beneath the soil to make it disappear in sight. The other is to dig it and remove it and its root system completely out of the ground. Most homeowners opt for the first option because stump removal can be damaging to the surrounding area. Stump removal is usually done for roadwork and foundation purposes only. For residential areas, stump grinding is usually the best way to go.

    Some residents opt to leave their stumps behind only to regret it in the end. Removing tree stump is ideal not only for aesthetic reasons but also for safety reasons. Tree stumps can be home to multitudes of insects and pests such as termites, ants, wasps, and other biting insects.

    Celtic Tree Service uses only the best equipment for any tree stump needs. No matter how big or small the tree stump is, we will handle it professionally. After the process, your yard will look as beautiful as it used to be. Although stump removal can be a messy job, we will handle it efficiently and do our best to minimize the hassle and inconvenience that comes with it.

    The process of stump removal can usually take as fast as 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on the size of the stump. Regardless of the size of the stump, we will be able to take it down for you. Celtic Tree Service offers the best tree stump removal service at a very economical price.

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    Emergency Service

    Trees become victims of strong storms and winds. Trees that are storm damaged can be both unsightly and dangerous that is why they should be taken care of immediately. Celtic Tree Service Macon provides a 24/7 emergency service that you can count on. We understand the potential danger that damaged trees can bring that is why we respond at once if a client calls for assistance. Handling storm damage is not advisable to be done by homeowners or business owners because it can put their lives in grave danger. Downed power lines and collapsed trees should be handled only by the professionals because only experts know how to efficiently and carefully handle these things.

    If you are affected by a storm and your tree is at risk of damaging your property further, do not think twice and call Celtic Tree Service immediately. We make ourselves available exactly for this purpose. There can be a lot of obstruction around the area when a storm hits and we will handle them for you. Celtic Tree Service will take care of the mess that the storm brought to your tree and property, you only need to give us a call and we will be there.

    Lot Clearing

    Celtic Tree Service can also take on large-scale lot clearing projects in the area. Lot clearing can be easy for small backyards but can be very challenging areas. This is why it is most ideal for professionals to handle lot clearing due to the mess and inconvenience it entails. Lot clearing also requires the proper equipment to be done efficiently, something that Celtic Tree Service has. With our world-class equipment, we can make any lot clearing job easy. Our approach is always efficient but we always take into consideration safety and standard in every lot clearing project we do.

    Our professional team is skilled and experienced in this field, so you can be confident that once we are done with your property, your land will be ready for whatever purpose it will serve. Also, our lot clearing service is one of the most competitive and cost-efficient in the Macon area. We believe that good service does not always have to be expensive that is why we offer you our premier service without hurting your wallet.

    Please call us for any lot clearing needs you may have.

    Wood Chipping and Brush Removal

    We also have wood chipping services available for clients who want to get rid of small to medium sized branches. Our chippers can take care of 6″ diameter of limbs and brush. According to your preference, we can either pile them anywhere in your property or haul them away.

    No job too large or too small for Celtic Tree Service Macon
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